Autostart box, complete

Art. No. 180000

The drug’s central evacuation system is powerful, but at the same time quieter than mobile evacuation systems because they are installed outside the operating room. Important area is saved and no air circulations are caused above the operation that may interfere with the work. Read more about our fan solutions here.

Via a so-called autostart box, the valve senses when the laser or diater pen is used and opens or closes automatically. The valve is mounted on the filter holder and connects to the central system, making it easy to place on, for example, a pendulum or on-board, and basically fits all existing diaphragm devices on the market.

Medicvent’s system has an easily replaceable main filter, evacuation hose, complete set of disposable pre-filter for laser / diatermine pins and various “nozzles” designed to get as close to the operating site as possible. The system meets the requirements of the new international standard ISO 16571 for flue gas evacuation.

A complete on / off set consists of 180001 On / Off valve 180002 Autostart box 181010 Mounting kit with adapter and hoses.


NameArt. No.
Sensor clip, autostart box181011
High attachenet frame192019
Control panel, stepless192016
Adapter diathermi, single use143002
Filter holder for main filter142030
Adapter main filter/pre filter, single use142020
Funnels set, single use142016
Nippels set, single use142015
Adapter main filter, 19 mm142013
Pre filter with flexible tube142012
Main filter LP10142010
Pre filter, single use143012
Autostart box180002
On/off valve180001
Evac tube PVC steel spiral, 40 mm, per meter230010
Surgical smoke avacuation – Autostart box and accessories