Grand order to huge medical investment

Grand order to huge medical investment

Medicvent has begun the first deliveries of what will become the second-largest order in the company’s history.

– We will deliver 14 central fan systems as well as 158 motor valves for evacuation points in operating rooms to the major investment of two new facilities at Skåne University Hospital (SUS) in Malmö. It is a huge and honoring task, and it will be a good reference for business opportunities outside of Sweden as well. The only more substantial project we have had was a project for the new Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, CEO Erik Lindström says.


Lindström, being Marketing Director and sales manager as well as CEO, has been working on this deal for a long time, together with the close-knit team at Medicvent. Active on the Swedish market since the 1980s – and with all of the leading university hospitals on the client list – Medicvent had a good starting point when Assemblin obtained the equipment for evacuating surgical smoke and anesthetic gases.


Extreme reliability

– We are well known in Sweden and have good references, but you can never be sure until everything is set. We are humble about that. Good communication with everyone involved is important. Partly because we need an exact product specification, and partly because the end-user must understand what they have bought – and what kind of purpose the product fulfills. If you buy this kind of equipment solely based on price, the risk of encountering problems is great. Our products are extremely reliable, that is of utmost importance.

The 14 fan systems are mounted at Medicvent’s main office and manufacturing plant in Umeå. Four of them are already in place in the first of the two new buildings at SUS. The new hospital will gain a total area of 106 000 square meters when it opens up in 2024. When the operating rooms are made ready, Medicvent’s technicians will be in place for the startup and adjustments.


From the operating room and out

– Our solution will take care of the gases from the moment they arise – when the surgeon is operating or when anesthetics are used – until they are finally evacuated from the hospital. The flow of air must be just right for the system to preform properly and, consequently, keep the health personnel safe. That is one of the things that our technicians make sure works correctly, Lindström says.

Medicvent’s Autostartbox is included in the order. With this invention, the ventilation will switch on as soon as the surgeon begins their work (activates the surgical equipment). Equally, it will switch off when the surgeon is all done.


International market

– We are estimating that we will work with this order during all of 2022 and possibly into 2023 as well. We are working in a niche that has a bright future ahead and have products that evacuate even the smallest of particles, such as viruses, from the operating room. In many countries, this is not yet the case. Besides, Sweden has an excellent reputation internationally regarding good working environment standards, Erik Lindström says, and concludes:

– All in all, this gives us a firm foundation to continue the company’s growth outside our borders too, as soon as this awful pandemic is over.




– There is excellent energy and great motivation between colleagues inside of our company. An order of this size will contribute to strengthening that work ethic, Erik Lindström, CEO, says.







The two new buildings at Skåne University Hospital have a total area of 108 000 square meters. Medicvent’s advanced ventilation solutions are used for surgical instruments and anesthetics.