Autostart Set

Art. No. 140100

Medicvent´s surgical smoke evacuation with the Autostart system is intended for use in electrosurgical or laser surgical procedures. The system must be connected to Medicvent´s central evacuation system for evacuation of surgical smoke (or third-party system that fulfils SS-ISO 16571:2014).


The Autostart system provides evacuation of surgical smoke by means of a simple control of surgical smoke evacuation flow and an autostart functionality.  This autostart functionality opens the On/Off-valve automatically when the surgeon activates the electrosurgical/laser unit, and closes it when the electrosurgical/laser unit is no longer in use. This also provides the user with a simpler way to control the noise levels and to automatically silence the evacuation flow, which contributes to an improved and more quiet working environment.


The Autostart box with accessories is an option to the Medicvent central evacuation system (or similar) and cannot function without it. The Autostart box with accessories controls the existing flow and does not create any individual flow.

Autostart set contains:

140101 Autostart box

140102 On/ off valve

140103 Sensor clip

140104-EU Electrical current adapter 

140105 Signal Cable magnetic vale 


NameArt. No.
Signal Cable magnetic vale140105
Electrical current adapter140104-EU
Sensor clip140103
On/ off valve140102
Autostart box140101
Sensor clip, autostart box140103
Autostart – Manual Version 4
Plume evacuation – Autostart