Double mask, anesthesia

Art. No. 210003

Medicvents unique Double mask system guarantees that excess gases and gas leakage do not contaminate the working environment – in contrast to single masks. The Double mask consists of hard outer mask of transparent Polysulfone, and a soft inner mask of transparent silicone. There is a column between the outer and inner masks where leaking gas is suctioned and evacuated through the coupling house and the evacuation tubes. The coupling house connects the Double mask with the evacuation tube system (standard ISO taper). The Double mask works with all well-known anesthesia systems and is available in 5 sizes.


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NameArt. No.
Evac tube, single use, Ø28×1900 mm220012
Evac tube, single use, Ø28×3000220011
Evac tube 28 x 3000 mm220001
Tube holder232005
Control panel, 3-way switch192014
Laminar pipe239095
Flow meter240000
Evac tube, 38 x 2000 mm230005
Evac tube PVC steel spiral, 40 mm, per meter230010
Double mask, size 5210005
Double mask, size 4210004
Double mask, size 3210003
Double mask, size 2210002
Double mask, size 1210001
Coupling house210006
Components for Double mask
Components Double mask with chin mask