Chin mask

Art. No. 410000


Following treatment with anesthetics, most patients’ exhalation breaths will contain residues of anesthetics, or nitrous oxide during a relative long period of time. To avoid having excessively high concentrations of gas in the room air, a special chin mask is used, which effectively evacuates the exhalation breaths from the patient during the first 15-20 minutes.

The chin mask is used for dental surgical procedures where a nasal mask is used, during labour and in the post-operative/recovery room for evacuation of gas residues from the exhalation breaths of the patient.

NameArt. No.
Band with fasteners for chin mask425000
Distributor block, delivery440000
Evac tube PVC steel spiral, 40 mm, per meter230010
Evac tube, 40 x 3000 mm420005
Evac tube, 19 x 1900 mm420001
410000 Anevac chin mask Product Sheet