Fan unit, double mask, complete

Art. No. 250000

Medicvent’s fan equipment is intended to be used in hospital environments to evacuate air born solutions. The fan equipment is for use with Medicvent’s other products. It’s possible to use the equipment for other purposes is parameters such as flux and pressure are within the specs of the fan equipment.

If the equipment is used for gas evacuation containing fluids, a water trap must be installed on the suction side.

The fan is mounted on a trolley to be a mobile unit that can simple be transported between rooms where gas evacuation is needed. A container for sterile filters can be attached to the fan for evacuation of smoke gas and other particles.

The fan equipment is made from high quality components for a long and hassle free product lifespan.


  1. Fan unit.
  2. Evacuation tube, Ø 40 mm.
  3. Evacuation tube to local ventilation, Ø 40 mm.
  4. Control cable.
  5. Control box for anesthesia (dual flows).
  6. Control box for smoke gas (stepless).
  7. Power cord, Euro 240V.
  8. Security valve 232006 NOTE: accessory.
  9. Skyddtransformator 250005 NOTE: accessory.
  10. Silencer 532019 NOTE: accessory.
  11. Trolley. 240010 NOTE: accessory.
NameArt. No.
High attachment frame192019
Control panel, 3-way switch192014
Main cable, Euro 230 V, 2.5 m245000
Control box for double mask250115
Control cable, per meter252008