Fan unit, smoke gas, complete

Art. No. 253003

Medicvent’s fan equipment is intended to be used in hospital environments to evacuate air born solutions. The fan equipment is for use with Medicvent’s other products. It’s possible to use the equipment for other purposes is parameters such as flux and pressure are within the specs of the fan equipment.

The fan unit is constructed to be a easily adoptable evacuation system and can be installed in existing, as well as, in new buildings.

Fläktenheten bör monteras på sådan plats att den omgivande miljön är den som anges i detta dokument. Man kan installera enheten i närhet av ex OP-sal eller rum där liknande verksamhet hålls då ljudnivån är väldigt låg.

The fan unit should be mounted in an environment as described in this document. The system can be installed in the proximity of an operation room och similar as the nice level is very low.

The fan equipment is made from high quality components to guarantee a long and hassle free product lifespan.

The equipment is CE certified according to the following standards: 2006/42/EG, 2006/95/EG, 2004/108/EG.


  1. 142030 Filter holder for main filter
  2. 142010 Main Filter LP10
  3. 160101 Gypsum filter
  4. 142013 Adapter main filter
  5. 142019 Adapter main  filter
  6. 142012 Pre filter with flex tube
  7. 143002 Adapter, Diathermy, singe use (25 pcs)
NameArt. No.
Main cable, Euro 230 V, 2.5 m245000
Controlbox, stepless250116
Control cable, per meter100189
250003 Fan unit with On/Off valve for smoke gas. Installation.