Main Particle filter for outlet DM

Art. No. 100148

The Main particle filter is mounted on the Outlet valve for the Doublemask to prevent particles from
being sucked up into the system and thereby damaging the equipment.

Main Particle filter for Outlet DM is developed to be used together with evacuation system and
Outlet for Double Mask from Medicvent.


Technical data
Item: 100148
Material: Nylon 12 (PA12)
Total weight: ≈ 34 g
Connection: (Inlet: Ø32 mm), Exterior Ø39-41 mm.
Outlet: Ø39-38 mm, (Exterior Ø41 mm).
Connect to: 532030-DM Outlet valve for the Doublemask .
Length: 88 mm



100148 Main particle filter for outlet DM product sheet