Motor valve

Art. No. 192011

Medicvent  Motor valve is intended primarily for use together with Medicvent Central fan system  . Its primary function is to regulate flow in suction outlets in the operating theatres and delivery rooms. Valve regulation takes place with two types of control panels, stepless or 3-staged. The motor valve can be used for other purposes if the instructions for use are carefully followed in the directions for installation.

It is possible to purchase complete regulation packages for medical smoke evacuation as well as for use of the Double mask, see the separate tab for complete regulation packages.

Complete flowadjust set Electrical DM 192010 A

Complete flowadjust set Electrical Smoke 192010 B

For more information read the manual, or please contact us at Medicvent

NameArt. No.
Mounting frame194000
High attachment frame192019
Control panel, stepless192016
Control panel, 3-way switch192014
Main cable, Euro 230 V, 2.5 m245000
Control cable, per meter100189
192011 Motor valve Installation and maintenance rev B 2021-09-24