Central fan system redundancy 360

Art. No. 190004

The system consists of two side channel fans and a control cabinet. The fans have been chosen with consideration to performance relating to pressure curves and noise, and are provided with pipe systems with check valves. A double set of regulator systems for the fans are mounted within the control cabinet. The system is entirely automatic (the system does not need to be started or turned off while in use).

The system functions with one system as master and the other system as slave.

The system is programmed with a low flow requirement so that only one fan is necessary; when the flow requirement exceeds the capacity, the other fan is connected.

By means of two fans and double regulation, full system redundancy is attained. If an error in the fan or in the regulation system occurs, the system automatically switches to master.

The motor regulation is connected to Medicvent’s pressure regulator. The pressure regulator is connected to the evacuation channel of the fan and directs the motor regulation by regulating the speed of the fan according to the desired flow.

400V AC, 50Hz 3-fas

Fuse in locker
2 pcs, 3×6 A

4 kW

Air flow
0–350 m³/h

Under pressure
0–-100 hPa

Noice lever from fan
42 dB(A)

2 x Ø110 mm muff (horizontal)

Weight including fundament
65 kg

Weight control box and legs
70 kg

Footprint fans and fundament
1100 x 500 x 1100 mm (B x D x H)

Footprint control unit with legs
800 x 300 x 1150 (B x D x H)


Under pressure, factory setting
System under pressure for anesthes gases: -50 hPa.
System under pressure for smoke gases: -80 hPa.

NameArt. No.
High attachment frame192019
Control panel, stepless192016
Control panel, 3-way switch192014
Control cable, per meter100189
190004 Central system redundansy 12-70 installation