Instructional videos

Instructional videos

A collection of our instructional videos and other video material.

Demonstration of the function of the double mask.

Medicvent’s canadian distribitor demonstrates the double mask using water vapor.

Use of the double mask system during anesthesia

The double mask system is used during procedures with anesthesia gases to maintain a safe and pleasant working environment free of gas leakage.

Leakage of anesthesia gases is a common occurrence when they are delivered by mask. Medicvent’s Double mask system eliminates exposure to leaking gas for staff members. The use of Medicvent’s Double mask secures a good working environment for staff members, and it has been confirmed that the use of the Double mask allows staff members to feel considerably fresher than when compared to working environment without the Double mask.

Delivery with Anevac F

A combined breathing and evacuation system for excess and leaking gas that is used during child birth (Anevac F). The system consists of a Double Mask with neckband or alternatively a chin mask, coaxial-breathing system with an expiration-valve, coupling block and a flow meter connected to a fan unit.

Anevac F is the solution to the complicated problem of evacuating both gases that may be leaking from the mask and gases expired by the patient.

The double mask effectively protects the health care staff. Thanks to its unique technology, the double mask captures a maximum amount of leaking nitrous oxide.

The gas is evacuated from the room by the Medicvent central fan system. Instead of being led out of the hospital and having an impact on the external environment, the nitrous oxide may be transported to Medicvent’s destructor, which converts it to normal air.

Smoke evacuation during laser and diathermy surger

The Laser and diathermy evacuation system has been developed for the optimum evacuation of troublesome gases resulting from laser and diathermy surgery.

Medicvent AB

Medicvent’s main product is the patented Double Mask used in hospitals for such procedures as anesthesia and childbirth.

Allan Lindqvist, who invented the Double Mask, was appointed honorary doctor of medicine at the Medical Faculty of Umeå University.

The purpose of the Double Mask is to protect the internal working environment and health of the staff through the elimination of harmful gases.

In recent years, numerous additional products and applications have been developed, all aimed at improving both the internal and external environment.

“Working for Your Health” is Medicvent’s motto.

Clean air in healthcare

What’s more important than the Air We Breathe?

-The quality of the working environment around us has a direct impact on our Health.

Guarantee a healthy working enviroment, with clean air for hospital staff!