Anevac D is a double nasal mask which is used in dental surgical procedures in the oral cavity and throat. It effectively evacuates analgesia gases such as nitrous oxide, throughout the procedure and avoids unnecessary risks of gas exposure to staff members in the working environment.

The evacuation proceeds very closely to the point of gas delivery without disrupting the dental procedure. Any gas leakage surrounding the nasal mask is suctioned and contained in the column between the outer and inner mask, precisely in the same manner as when the Medicvent double mask is used in surgery.

The double nasal mask is available in three sizes. The connector to the evacuation tube may be rotated 360° degrees to enable flexibility in placement and avoid unnecessary disturbance during the procedure.

The Swedish dental care in Fristad are using double nasal mask , see their video here…

Medicvent also provides other solutions for the capture and purification of nitrous oxide, to avoid negative impact to the external environment. Read more about our Destructor here…


Protect the work environment from dangerous gas leakage!