Medicvent eliminates the leakage of nitrous oxide – within the hospital department as well as our external environment – with the support of our products Double mask, Central fan system and the Destructor.

Medicvent Nitrous oxide destructor is adapted to the high flows which are used in the Double mask and Medicvent Central fan system, and ensures the possibility to capture maximum amounts of nitrous oxide leakage. It is energy efficient and is adaptable to different capacity requirements. The Destructor is available in three sizes and is easy to assemble and use, with a high level of reliability. Inspection, maintenance and service requirements are minimal.

The Destructor purifies up to 99% of the collected nitrous oxide. Purification takes place by means of a catalytic process combined with highly efficient regenerative heat exchange, where nitrous oxide is broken down into oxygen and nitrogen, which are common constituents of ordinary air. The machinery is CE-marked, which means that it meets the basic requirements of the Machinery Directive relating to health and safety.

The machine is delivered in three units consisting of electrical cabinet (including controller system PLC and operator panel), fan and catalyst component. These units are easy to assemble on site. The process can be easily controlled by means of the associated operator panel.

The destructor cleans up to 99% of the collected nitrous oxide.

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