Delivery room

Delivery room


Nitrous oxide provides good, practical and well documented pain relief during childbirth, greatly appreciated by midwives and mothers-to-be. It is the most common method for delivery pain management in Sweden. Nitrous oxide provides rapid effect without limiting the mobility of the mother during delivery, and is quickly eliminated from the body. Nitrous oxide is also the only pharmaceutically-based pain management method which the patient may control herself.

However, it is important to eliminate leakage of nitrous oxide as this is a serious problem in the working environment. Staff may suffer headaches, nausea and tiredness, and may even be at risk of spontaneous abortions. Furthermore, nitrous oxide is a harmful greenhouse gas, so everyone benefits from elimination of leaking gas, but while still retaining this useful method of pain relief.

During the delivery procedure, we recommend the use of the Double mask with neckband. The mask is kept in close proximity and can capture the expired breaths of the mother even when the mask is not in use. The mother can quickly access the mask as soon as the next labor pain occurs. Some delivery rooms combine the Double mask with chin mask for even more efficient evacuation.


The function of the Double mask

The Double mask consists of a hard-outer mask of transparent Polysulfone, and a soft inner mask of transparent silicone. There is a column between the outer and inner masks, where leaking gas is suctioned and evacuated through the coupling house and the evacuation tubes. The coupling house connects the Double mask with the evacuation tube system (standard ISO taper).




 “The double mask ventilates the exhaled gas and reduces the risk for healthcare professionals.”


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