Medicvent is working to improve air quality relating to autopsy procedures. It is a distinct problem for many working in this environment, where particle extraction is not working optimally, or is missing entirely. The distribution of particles (solid particles and liquid splashes) as well as bad-smelling bone chips which may occur when during cranial opening are a problem. These particles are also a potential source of contamination.
Based on common experience from several different branches, we know currently that extractors should be fully integrated work tools, to obtain as close and good result as possible.


Advantages with Patovac;
– 98% evacuation of loose particles
– Integrated extractor in work tooling
– Sterile filter that separates all particles
– Tubes are autoclavable
– Easy to clean
– Can be provided with a rotary saw or oscillating saw
– Simple mobile or stationary installation


In studies conducted by the technical department of the Work Environmental Institute in Umeå, results show that Patovac decreases dust content with 98%, which signifies that emission of particles increases times 50 if Patovac is not used. (Source SW: Arbetsmiljöfonden sammanfattningar; Eliminationsteknik för obduktionsarbete  Pnr 89-0609 ventilation 56).



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