Smoke evacuation

Surgical smoke evacuation


Medicvent’s smoke evacuation system improves air quality without any disturbance to the surgical procedure.



Medicvent offers an integrated surgical smoke evacuation system for laser surgery and electrosurgery. The air is evacuated from the operating theatre instead of being filtered and returned to the room, which provides a significant improvement of air quality (ScienceDirect EJSO 35 (2009) 780-784).

Surgical smoke that frequently results from laser and electro-surgical procedures can be an inconvenience and hazardous to staff working in the operating theatre environment. To create better air quality, it is especially important that surgical smoke is evacuated from the operating theatre, instead of being filtered and returned to the room. The central smoke evacuation system from Medicvent makes it easy to evacuate surgical smoke to assure an improved working environment.

Medicvent’s central evacuation system is powerful yet more silent than mobile evacuation systems since they are installed outside of the operating theatre. This provides more optimal workspace and avoids interference from air circulation above the surgical workspace. Read more about our central fan solutions here.

By means of the automatic start box, the system valve senses when the laser or electrosurgical pen is in use and opens and closes the evacuation automatically. The valve is mounted on the main filter bracket and connected to the central system, which makes it easy to place on a pendant or operating table. The system fits most electrosurgical devices currently available on the market.

Medicvent’s system includes an easy-to-replace main filter, evacuation hoses and a complete set of disposable pre-filters for laser and electrosurgical pens, and different nozzles that are designed to come as close to the point of surgery as possible. The system complies with the new international standard for surgical plume evacuation, (ISO 16571).

For more in-depth information please refer to our handbook or contact us with any questions you may have.

“We chose the Medicvent system because it is an easy, smooth and very efficient way to remove disturbing smell and particles in laser and electrosurgery.”

Ingela Häggström
Department Head, Älvsborgs hospital, Borås Sweden

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